Who We Are

The Lonestar Brass Orchestra is comprised of professional brass and percussion musicians from the Austin area. Founded in September of 2016 by Franklin Piland, the group was originally meant to bring together quality brass and percussion musicians to share in the fun and joy of making exceptional (oftentimes bombastic and jubilant, oftentimes sensitive and delicate) music. As the rehearsals continued it became clear that it had potential to be something of great contribution to the professional musical world. Approximately five months later, Brandon Clinton came on board as the ensemble’s co-conductor and artistic advisor. He continues to contribute exceptionally to the culture and effectiveness of the ensemble, and the group is happy to now call him family.

The Lonestar Brass Orchestra exists to serve the communities of Austin, Texas. Our mission is to foster and cultivate a musical experience for all members of the community by breaking down the cultural and social stereotypes associated with music, to support and expand music education in the community, and to perform culturally relevant and diverse music with exceptional quality and high artistic sensitivity.

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